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      "'Taint on me," said Shorty, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm not in command. You are.""Because the masters say it is right," Cadnan told him, with the surprised air of a person explaining the obvious. "The elders, too, say it before we come to this place." He added the final sentence like a totally unnecessary clincherunimportant by comparison with the first reason, but adding a little weight of its own, and making the whole story even more satisfying.

      Chink! chink! chink! the bridle went,"Hello, awful glad to see you backand you, too, Shorty," said the busy Orderly-Sergeant, speaking in his usual short, snappy sentences, without using any more words than absolutely necessary. "We need you. Short of non-commish. Two Sergeants off on detached duty and two Corporals in hospital. Being worked for all we're worth. Both of you look fine. Had a nice, long rest. In great shape for work. Pitch in, now, and help me. First, let's get the names of these kids on the roll. Humphreyswe've got two other Humphreys, so you'll answer to Humphreys, 3d.

      "Don't mind that. Forward, boys," shouted Si. "Here's the end of the abatis."

      "What we ought to do," Dodd said abruptly, "is we ought to do a thorough anthropologicalanthropological study on you people. A really big job. But that's uneconomic, see? Because we know what we have to know. Where to find you, what to feed you, how to get you to work. They don't care about the rest." sayin bout yore saffron head, but I shant write a word till

      Cadnan, without brutality, brushed her aside. "I do not know. The masters know. Wait and they tell you." He did not consider whether the statement were true, or false, or perhaps (under these new circumstances) entirely meaningless: it was a noise he had to make in order to get Hortat out of his way. She stood against the corridor wall as he passed, watching him."Put on your bayonet and prod his hoss in the breast, and then give him 18 inches o' cold steel. That'll settle him. Go and lay down, Pete, I tell you. Don't disturb me. Don't you see I'm writing?"



      "Let him alone, Shorty," said Si irritably. "He ain't to blame. This gangling fly-up the crick started it." And he gave Gid another shake."Why?"


      Shorty took the letter with eagerness, and retired to a nook to read it all over carefully, and see if he could not mayhap glean out of it something more relating to Her. But the main satisfaction was in reading again and again "Mother and the girls want to be kindly remembered to Shorty."The rebel battery in the fort waked up, and, more to show its good will than anything else, began shelling the surrounding landscape.