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      "How much do you want?"

      The rest overheard their plan, and began to watch them with eager interest. They made a circle to the right, got into the cover of the brush of the creek, and began making their way slowly and carefully up to a point opposite the wagon. They reached this without attracting notice, parted the bushes in front of them carefully, and took a good survey of the wagon and the hill beyond. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,"

      Cooking a meal should be made the fourth of this category.

      The drizzle continued through the evening, and by the sputtering fires the soldiers prepared and ate their frugal suppers. Word came that, as was feared, the wagons were hopelessly bemired three or four miles back, and the men would have to make such shift as they could.

      "Yes, there's 0 there," said Si. "What are you goin' to do with it, Pap?"Pen knew by intuition that her coming had something to do with the matter that filled all their minds, but pride forbade her running out of the house to find out. With a great effort of will she kept on about her work, possessing her soul in what patience she could.


      "You're not sorry then that you told me?""And the inside?" said Pen.



      "Very likely," said Pen calmly."I'd pay my own."