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      I deserve that, said Trafford, quietly. But there is nothing that you can say which can be more bitter than that which I have already said to myself.

      "None that I know of," said Anna.

      The speeches were, fortunately, not long, and everybody declared them to be most brilliant efforts, from the few words spoken by the duke, in his thin, aristocratic voice, slightly quivering with emotion, to the stammering and broken sentences[169] of the agonized Lord Ffoulkes, who was trembling with nervousness, though he had led a forlorn hope in one of our little wars without a tremor.I will go and see, she said.

      It was not only a happy but also a boisterous party, for Trafford seemed to have regained his youth in Three Star, and he laughed and talked in so light-hearted a manner that once or twice Lord Selvaine looked at him with as much astonishment as he ever permitted himself. Varleys presence, too, added a zest to the gathering, and Lord Selvaine remarked in an under-tone to Esmeralda:The third evening came. On all the borders of dear Dixie more tents than ever whitened sea-shores and mountain valleys, more sentinels paced to and fro in starlight or rain, more fifers and trumpeters woke the echoes with strains to enliven fortitude, more great guns frowned silently at each other over more parapets, and more thousands of lovers reclined about camp fires with their hearts and fancies at home, where mothers and maidens prayed in every waking moment for God's mercy to keep the brave truants; and with remembrance of these things Anna strove to belittle her own distress while about the library lamp she and Miranda seemed each to be reading a book, and Constance the newspaper sent from Charleston by Mandeville.

      But Anna kissed the clinging hands and vanished.

      Varley nodded.

      Im sorry, dear old chap; but never mind, said Trafford. Have a cigar.All right, old chap; didnt mean anything offensive; didnt know she was a friend of yours.


      Yes, yes! she urged. I willI will keep watch and ward on myself. This is the last time thatthat you will hear me speak of my love. I will be careful, even when we are alone. Trafford, I cantI cant lose you altogether. I[173] must see you sometimes. Why do you hesitate? Do you think it will be unfair to her?



      Quite so; very little, said Lord Selvaine.